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Online Bookings

Here at Britten Electrical, our registered electricians based in Auckland can offer competitive rates.

Our costs:

  • Residential:$75 per hour + GST.
  • Commercial:$75 per hour + GST.
  • Apprentice Electrician$55 per hour + GST.
  • Certificate of Compliance:$35 + GST.
  • Test tagging:$1.50 per tag + GST.
  • Emergency call outs after hours:$175 + GST.
  • Travel costs:$20 per hour + GST.


As part of our quotes, we include the high-quality products. For full transparency, we may include a small markup to further support our electricians, and build relationships with our great suppliers. We seek to source materials sustainably, which means supporting businesses in the best way we know how, and we appreciate your support as we do so.

Certificate of compliance (CoC)

Compliance is vital to any project, no matter the residential or commercial needs. We are compliant with all of the necessary regulations, and issue a certificate of compliance for any new wiring work done on your commercial or residential property, including light fittings or new power points.


We have sourced some of the best registered electricians across Auckland, giving us a trustworthy, friendly, and high-quality service that has served alongside our name for over 50 years. We also support our local apprentices, as we train them up to be some of the best in Auckland. Britten Electrical understands the importance of training our apprentices to the highest standard.

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